Welcome to the HouseThirteen Blog

When I was younger and blogging was yet to be a “thing”, I started a wordpress blog called “Ponderings of a Procrastinator”. It was a place for me to put my random thoughts before I could annoy anyone on instagram, facebook or (dare I say it) Myspace on a daily basis. I think I got to a grand total of five posts before I got distracted. I actually haven’t thought about this blog until I set up this page. It’s weird how you can suddenly miss something that you haven’t even spared a thought on for over 10 years - no amount of googling can retrieve those ponderings, but if anyone wants to try I will love you forever in a very real way. I think I’m digressing….

SO, my point is that I’m reinstating those ponderings right here and giving HouseThirteen a space to join the conversation. Sometimes on my procrastinatory ponderings, but hopefully more on the things I feel matter and that we should be talking bout. As a brand, and as a person, I stand for empowerment and entrepreneurship, I stand for sustainability and conscious living, I stand for art and beauty, and I stand for fearlessly participating in this world (plus a few shiny luxury things thrown in). I will be going on my own journey with these stands (more on that later) and I’d like to bring you with me (…if you want, like).

So stay tuned for more thoughts when I should probably be doing something else…

S x

(me 👋🏽)