Looking to clean up your business? Good.

HouseThirteen offers consulting in the fashion and lifestyle sphere, with a particular focus on communications, copywriting, marketing and events, whilst encouraging sustainability initiatives.

  • Looking to implement more sustainable initiatives in your brand or organisation?

  • Need support communicating your key messages effectively?

  • Want to host an engaging event around your core values and join the conversation?

  • Is it time to give your brand an eco-MOT and ensure you’re keeping up with the Thunbergs?

    We can help.

Derived from our international experience across a range of CSR consultancies, start-ups and luxury brands, whilst also working with hundreds of emerging fashion labels and 1000s of consumers, we have a unique perspective on the industry and an innate passion for sustainable business. We currently work with sustainable fashion agencies, emerging brands, luxury business owners and NGOs across a range of services.

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