Jewellery traits

HouseThirteen jewellery is crafted from high quality sterling silver, with gold pieces then dipped in 18-karat Italian gold. As each piece of jewellery is handmade, there may be some slight variations between them, making each one unique. 

The higher the quality of silver, the softer and, therefore, more malleable it is. This allows all bangles to be adaptable to fit different wrist sizes, but please take care when adjusting and handling your jewellery to avoid mis-shaping or breakage. 

We pride ourselves on only using high quality materials sculpted by skilled silversmiths to ensure that, with a little bit of love, you can enjoy your jewellery for a lifetime. 


Jewellery care

To help preserve your jewellery and minimise tarnishing, simply follow our few tips.  

Keep it dry: To keep your jewellery from tarnishing and to preserve the gold plating, we advise you to keep it dry and away from lotions and potions. It is therefore best to apply perfume and beauty products before your jewellery. Also remember to remove it before washing your hands, showering, swimming or cleaning. 

Store it well: Store your jewellery individually to avoid scratches and tarnishing from too much exposure to air, ideally in your HouseThirteen pouch or box.

Clean it:  A gentle wipe with a soft cloth will keep your jewellery looking fresh. Never use abrasive chemicals. If it needs more of a scrub then use specialised silver and gold products, or take it to your local jewellers for a professional clean. 

The best way to preserve sterling silver is actually to wear it often, so enjoy.