About House Thirteen

- classic design, presented in new ways - 


At HouseThirteen we like to make sure we run as responsibly, ethically and as environmentally friendly as possible. We are taking steps towards cleaning up our home and doing business mindfully. Our pieces are ethically handmade from largely recycled materials using traditional methods, our packaging is recycled & recyclable and as plastic-free as possible. Our impact is small, and we are always working on not only further decreasing this impact, but actively increasing the positivity we put into our world.


  • Harvey Nichols Marketplace

  • Silkfred

  • Jewel Street

  • Lingerie-Lab

  • Ebb&Flo, Portishead

  • Little Island Store, Seminyak, Bali

HouseThirteen is a British-designed jewellery label, first imagined on the island of Bali, with operations now straddling both Indonesia and London. All pieces are handmade in Bali by skilled craftsmen who sculpt top quality sterling silver, with gold pieces then dipped in 18-karat Italian gold.

We look to the past for design inspiration, identifying key elements that we love. We then strip these elements down and inject our own design aesthetic, creating classic, delicate pieces. These designs are mixed with everyday "Foundation" pieces to create a simple, wearable, and highly adaptable collection. 

HouseThirteen likes to play with traditional jewellery forms, presenting a range of handchains, bodychains, ear jackets, stackable pieces and double-stranded necklaces which can be worn a number of ways. In other words, classic design presented in new ways. 

Consciously led, we mindfully create our collections with passion for both design and the world we live in.

Find us somewhere between the tropics and the tube, or at any of our social media sites:

Instagram: @HouseThirteen  |  Twitter: @House_Thirteen

Facebook: /HouseThirteen    |  Pinterest: HouseThirteen


HouseThirteen also offers sustainability consulting in the fashion and luxury sphere, with a particular focus on communication, marketing, events and community.

For more information please email Stephanie at stephanie@housethirteendesigns.com